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Surfing is our lifestyle – We have a lot of fun in the water, even good or bad days, the surfing spirit will bring out the best of you! We learned, shared and teach people to understand how to surf. Based on our experiences we want to share our skills to people, learning how to enjoy

What we Offer

Lesson, Coach & Trip

We offers surf lesson for all levels. We manage your Bali surf trip, we help you to improve and to get better of your surfing skills faster.

  • Beginner

    School Of Surfing
  • Intermediate

    School Of Surfing
  • Advance

    School Of Surfing
  • Bali Surfing Coach

    School Of Surfing
  • Bali Surfing Trip

    School Of Surfing
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Our Team

  • BON

    Surf Instructor

    English speaking with 15 years experiences of surfing. Longboard and Mini Malibu rider.


    Surf Instructor

    Japanese speaking expert and basic English language. Ten years experiences of surfing. Longboard and Minimalibu specialist.

  • SAM

    Surf Instructor

    English speaking with 10 years surfing experiences. Short board riding only.

  • ALEX

    Surf Coach

    English speaking expert with 15 years experiences of surfing. All type surfing board rider but mostly short board.

Happy Customers

Clients Say

  • Tropical crew made my stay in Bali unforgettable. They took me to uncrowded beaches. They taught me surfing in the best way, I could ever imagine and i’m still in the water. Thank you to share with me the surfing spirit! Aloha 🙂

    Laura Gallonetto

  • its fun to learn to surf and good offer for the surf package. Very recommended in Kuta Bali 🙂

    Tiina Isomäki

  • Tropical crew are very well to teach us for quick learning of surfing. I never thought i could made it very fast!! One of my best experiences in Bali 🙂

    Emelie Dahlqvist

Things You Should Know

Surf in BALI

Best Place to Surf the first time in Bali

Bali and the surrounding islands have a lot of great surfing spot and beaches, with beach breaks for beginners and huge barrels for experience surfer. You need to know the characteristics of the waves to find a surfing spot that fits your level so you don’t end up in a whirlpool of thundering waves

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How to Know Best Time to Surf

How To Know Best Time To Surf in BALI Indonesia has only 2 seasons. It’s Sunny/dry season and raining/wet season. Bali’s one of the islands in Indonesia. From Sumatra island till Papua Island has similar season. How this season effected to the waves? The sunny season start from April until November and the wet season

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Can i Surf everyday in Bali?

This question we always heard and it’s so many tourist even experiences surfer don’t know exactly to answer. Our local knowledge for sure we will say YESS you can surf everyday in Bali. But where exactly. To find answer this question you have to be surfer that surf around Bali the whole year around, for both local surfers or western surfers.

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