5 Tips Before You Go To Surfing

Imagine to go and try to surfing at new places at the secret spot or you need the challenge to improve your surfing skills with different type of the waves. There can often even be great experiences or a fear of failure .

All the beginner surfer have to know the basic science about the ocean and the waves. 5 Tips you have to understand and navigate the surfing spot before you jump into the water. 

1.  Knowing the ground of the surf spot.

Bottom/the ground of the waves (sandy or reef/rock)

2. Wind Direction (Offshore, Glassy, On Shore)

3. Tide Chart (High and Low Tide)

4. Waves Energy (How much power the current carry to the shore)

5. Navigate The Surf Break (Understand the current circulation or  sandbar).

This 5 combination knowledge it will take you surfing with highly secure. The measurement of your self it will created your confident and fast respond to the waves behind your unconscious mind.