Surfing is our lifestyle – We have a lot of fun in the water, doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad days, the surfing spirit will bring out the best of you! We teach people to understand surfing and share our skills for every surfing level. With us, you learn how to enjoy surfing & have as much as you can ever imagine.


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First, we were strangers that love to surf, then the strangers became friends and friends became bradda and sista from another mother.

“The best surfer out there, is the one having the most fun”

— Phil Edwards

All the staff members of Tropical Surf School live the motto “We surf because we have fun and we are happy”. Our focus is to teach you, how to have fun, be safe in the water and to coach you  faster & better in surfing skill levels.

Your smile and satisfaction is our motivation to spread the spirit of the summer vibes at Bali Tropical island with Tropical Surf School.