Personalized surf training program to help you to improve and to get better of your surfing skills faster. This surfing coach basically to help our guests who had “secure” problem on the water. The goal of this coach is to figure it out the way, to bring you back on the track. We understand if you have many reasons that hold you back. It’s okay whatever that the reasons are. We will bring out the best of you to the maximum. We will have a fun time and it must be full of smile and happiness!
First Time Stand on The Board
First time on the wave
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Ready to Surf in Canggu

Why With Us

Surfing Coach from Tropical Surf School are different from other coaching program in Bali. We believe that each person has different way to bring up their best skill and help them to reach of maximum. Yes we have the same tutorial and media but we are personalized to each person. Our guests mostly they had a problem to get better in surfing skill or they had bad experiences in surfing. Get lost and stuck with the current, paddle more and surf less, and questioning what’s wrong with your surf skills. Men or women both has the same issue on the water. The luck of knowledge to understand the waves work, how the current and swell are create the waves, the combination of high and low tide, and the wind direction effect to the waves, it is confusing for beginner. The luck confident of your self how to respond the waves, when you trying to catch the waves and you feel hard to get even one, problem with take off (laundry), and “nervous” of accident because too many people around. We understand if you have so many reasons that hold you back. It’s okay whatever that the reasons are. We will bring out the best of you to the maximum. The goal of the coach is to figure out the best way to bring you back on the track. We help you Surfing better and faster!!

How Our Work

Treat yourself to professional surf coaching and experiences the best surf spot in Bali. Whether you want to work on your speed, snap, back side, floater or aim to get your first barrel, our team will be offering unique surf coaching program. You will experience a complete, structured and personalized surf coaching program to help you learn to surf and progress for years to come. Before you start the lesson, our team will gather information about your level of experience.  Our surf coaches will be  work on your personal goals. It is our passion to get you there quickly and efficiently! Seeing yourself surfing on photos and videos is one of the best tools for an efficient progression. Very often, what you think you are doing on the surfboard, and what you are actually doing, are two different things. This is why we film the surfing lessons. The best way to identify your technical mistakes is to see them for yourself, and have an experienced coach clearly explain to you how to correct them.  Unique to our Surf School, the Personal Surfer Profile is a shared folder between yourself and your surf coach. In it, you will find personal technique tips, analyzed surf pictures, recommended articles and videos, advice on what to focus on in the future. Live a premium experience with 1 professional coach dedicated to 1 student. You will be learning to surf with very experienced surf coaches. We hand pick each surf coach to ensure high-quality surf lessons and safety in the water.   Ever wondered how to read a surf forecast? Or how to pick the right surfboard for your specific level? Our surf coaches love to share their knowledge and answer all the questions you might have about the art of surfing.

Surf Coach Package

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The Price Include

Personalized training program based on your level

Personalized tips and trick to help you surf better at each surf spot

Photo and video analysis of your surfing, every day

Optional surf board with different type following your progress and improvement

1 Professional coach dedicate to 1 student only

Surfing Trip to the spot break that’s suitable with your surf level