Best Place To Surf First Time in Bali?

Bali and the surrounding islands have a lot of great surfing spot and beaches, with beach breaks for beginners and huge barrels for experience surfer. You need to know the characteristics of the waves to find a surfing spot that fits your level so you don’t end up in a whirlpool of thundering waves (its seem like laundry) or stuck paddling inside the current.

If you want to ride your first wave but don’t know where to start, then you should try to get a help from the surf schools. The guide privately by professional and experienced instructors, guarantee will get you steady on board in no time and just focus to enjoy and having fun. Busy beaches like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu and Sanur are the most the area of surf schools center in Bali. 

The Best 4 Beach To Learn Surfing in Bali

Tropical Surf School - Empty Surfer at Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

The easiest and most beginner friendly beach to try surfing for the first time is Kuta beach. The beach is close to the nightlife and tourist center of Legian, the beach is almost 3 kilometer long with white sand beach. As a surfing spot, Kuta is very appropriate for beginners.

The good thing here is that there are plenty of lifeguards on the lookout, might you get into trouble (the undertow can get quite strong).

Tropical Surf School - Busy Surf Day Bali

Legian Beach

Just north of Kuta, Legian is pretty much the same as Kuta; the same sandy bottom and same wave heights. It’s basically an extension of Kuta that is ideal for beginners. You can access Legian beach from the main road known as Jalan Pantai Kuta or follow the Kuta Beach coast line to the west side. This long stretch of sand goes on for about 3 kilometer and it’s a fun place to hang for the day after you have finished the surf. There are dozens of beach side vendors selling food, cold drinks and the mandatory souvenirs.

It’s best to surf Legian and Kuta in the morning as the winds shift onshore in the afternoon which makes the water surface too rough. The beach is also patrolled here as in Kuta but personally I wouldn’t rely on the lifeguards.

Tropical Surf School - Chill Day Seminyak

Seminyak Beach

As we make our way further more west from Legian you will find very trendy area known as Seminyak. Again it’s a continuation of the same beach with all the same conditions, but the only difference here is that after the surf you can hit the day clubs like Ku De Ta and Potato Head for a cold beer or lunch.

All this 3 breaks in this area; Kuta, Legian and Seminyak are fairly similar. It’s just where you prefer to base yourself that makes the difference. So there is always huge for you to do learn to surf or surfing by your self as beginners level.

Tropical Surf School - Canggu Sunset Surf

Canggu Beach (Batu Bolong / Old Mans)

Canggu is a completely different area and is about a further 15 kilometers to the north of Seminyak. Getting to canggu is only by motor bike or taxi and will take about 20 or 30 minutes from Kuta and it’s depend on the traffic down the road. This surfing area in Canggu is a bit more challenging than the Kuta area so only go here if you have had 2 or 4 time practice of surfing or surfing lesson earlier.

The Canggu area is a famous beach break and has heaps of quality restaurants and accommodation villas nearby Canggu. Wave heights here can get quite big so check with the locals before you head out.

There is 3 surf spot inside Canggu area, it’s Berawa beach, Batu Bolong Beach and Echo Beach. For the beginners in canggu it’s recommended only at Batu Bolong Beach and it’s exactly at the front of Old’s Man Bar and Restaurant.