Can i Surf Everyday in BALI?

This question we always heard and it’s so many tourist even experiences surfer don’t know exactly to answer. Our local knowledge for sure we will say YESS you can surf everyday in Bali. But where exactly.

To find answer this question you have to be surfer that surf around Bali the whole year around, for both local surfers or western surfers. You will find this answer.

We are at Tropical Surf School crew have been experiences this almost every surf spot in Bali, Lombok island mostly and Java, Sumatra Island. The true fact in Bali is during dry season the best time to surf is west coast beach line in Bali and during wet season the best to surf is east coast beach line in Bali.

That’s how we navigate the season to surf spots in Bali for the whole year around. The tips; Mostly the whole islands in Indonesia the best time to surf is during dry season.