How To Know Best Time To Surf in BALI

Indonesia has only 2 seasons. It’s Sunny/dry season and raining/wet season. Bali’s one of the islands in Indonesia. From Sumatra island till Papua Island has similar season. How this season effected to the waves?

The sunny season start from April until November and the wet season it’s start from December until March. The big different of this season that effected to the waves because the wind direction is changing.

May be you ever heard about On Shore and Off Shore. it’s common surfer language how to understand easily about wind direction. On Shore it’s the wind direction to the shore from ocean and Off Shore is the wind direction from the land to the ocean. Only Off Shore it’s the best time to surf and even better if it Glassy (very low and almost off the speed of the wind direction).

So how about best timing to surf?

When you understand about the Off Shore and On Shore and then you have to know about tide chart. The combination of this 2 things you have to know and understand to the each surf spot. There’s only 2 type of break; Beach break and Reef break. It’s very important to know because you don’t want end up your self in dangerous situation.

For example; Surfing at the reef break with Low Tide (shallow water), it’s highly risky even for experiences. The possibility to get a kiss or free tattoo from the reef it’s super close. It’s not only your board damage and also your body part.

5 Tips you have to understand and navigate for each surf spot before you jump into the water.

⇒ Bottom/the ground of the waves (sandy or reef/rock)

⇒ Wind Direction (Offshore, Glassy, On Shore)

⇒ Tide Chart (High and Low Tide)

⇒ Waves Energy (How much power the current carry to the shore)

⇒ Navigate The Surf Break (Understant the current circulation or  sandbar.

This 5 combination knowledge it will take you surfing with highly secure. The measurement of your self it will created your confident and fast respond to the waves behind your unconscious mind.