Get the feeling of riding small rolling white wave and easy step to follow. The goal of this level to introduce to you how to enjoy surfing with highly secure and safety. You will be losing your balance and falling off, but the time when you get up on the board will be a complete different of life experience.

What You Learn

  • Understand the basic of balance to stand up on the board
  • Basic Technique; Control the board, efficient paddling, correct the balancing stand and ride the waves
  • The basic technique catching waves; position and selecting the waves
  • Understand the area and environment apply to surf safety when selecting waves and ride the waves


Riding small rolling wave and easy step to follow. The goal of this level to bring you to understand how to surfing by your self. You will be less losing your balance and that’s the moment you will learn more to control your surf board and more longer to ride the waves.

What You Learn

  • Basic Technique to understand waves character and current
  • Basic Technique to read the waves and tide chart
  • Basic Technique of paddle in and out
  • Mastering the balance standing on the board and basic technique turning
  • Improvement and practice the 1st level understanding


Get super excited and challenge your self to riding the wave more and understand the wave how it work. We will teach you to understand even better to surf highly secure. Read the wave, timing to take off, turning the ride, read the people around, and secure your self of any possibility of accident on the water.

What You Learn

  • Understanding the types of surfboard and relate to your surf skill
  • Understand and positioning your self on the line up with tips and trick
  • Technique take off timing and turning left or right to ride the waves (bottom turn)
  • Technique to secure your self and your board because take off fail, crowded surf spot and rip current
  • Review & improvement all the knowledge 1st &2nd Beginner Level

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