We will introduce you to the small surf board (short board) type. The board will be follow your height and your weight. Medium hard to follow the step. The goal this level is join us to the line up and riding green wall of the wave and get some speed with your board. It takes courage, it’s exhausting and addicted to you.

What You Learn

  • The right size of your surf board based on your weight, height, and surfing skill
  • The technique of duck dive or similar when you paddle out to line up
  • The technique of timing take off, correct position, efficient paddling to reach the green wall of waves
  • Basic technique to generating speed
  • Refining late take off and wiped out technique (tips and trick)
  • Practice turning both to the right and left side with tips and trick (bottom turn)


You need courage to challenge your self. It’s hard step to follow but we focus only on your progress. Each person has different reaction, respond, and action on the line up and riding shoulder or over head size of the waves. Highly secure to understand everything is our goal. We will try to find your weakness so we could help you to reach the goal of this level.

What You Learn

  • Experience the feeling of the different of waves type from different surfing spot
  • Understanding the waves character and best timing of surfing to each surfing spot
  • Advance level generating speed to climb and down of the green waves surface
  • The technique of top and bottom turn, cut back and re-entry surfing style
  • Tightening with maneuvers; Bottom turn, Cut back, Snap, Back side snap, Floater and Barrel

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